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Get Creamy ~ “Easy” Eggnog on Your Restaurant Menu

November 17, 2017

Looking to serve rich creamy eggnog this season? But oh, the hassle of making it?  It’s now easier than ever to produce this holiday favorite by scratch. Think it takes too long? Well, with the use of the isi Creative Whip, it gets a whole lot easier- and faster.  There is no need for separating ...

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CAMSHELVING® Kits are a Snap to Assemble

November 15, 2017
Tim Barnes, showroom manager and showroom associates Cindy and Weverton can now confirm assembling these units is a snap!

Recently, our showroom manager, Tim Barnes and his associates, Cindy and Weverton tested out the “easy assemble” Cambro Basics Plus Stationary Starter Unit to experience and know first-hand what it all entails. Camshelving® kits are designed for any food service operation requiring durable utility storage that is easy to assemble and adjust to match their ...

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Pizza Shovel Buying Guide

November 13, 2017
Short Handle Pizza Shovel

Pizza shovels, more formally referred to as pizza peels, are tools for moving your pizza to and from the oven or onto a cooking stone safely.  They're most commonly made of wood or aluminum and they come in a lot of configurations, but what you choose is really driven by your needs and preferences. Some factors ...

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GSP30A/GSP30B Labels: Your 3 Options

October 25, 2017
E11 for GSP30A and GSP30B

There are three types of labels that work with Globe Food Equipment GSP30A and GSP30B scales.  They are: E11 Standard (pictured to the left) E12 Safe Handling E13 Ingredient The standard labels are the least expensive, but that won't drive your choice.  Your use will decide what label you buy. Finding the GSP30A/GSP30B Label that Fits Your Needs The label you ...