Abundant are the Foods of Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras Food

For thousands of years, people around the world have participated in this period of food indulgence prior to the Lenten season. What began from its early roots as a springtime pagan celebration of fertility and planting, was then turned into a time of carnivale by the Catholic church; an indulgence before the period of fasting and omitting meats(…)

Soup – An Old Favorite Still Popular with New Twists!


Did you know that the word restaurant finds its roots with soup? It was a a term first used in 16th century France to describe vendors selling soup that ‘restore’ or ‘refresh’ your health. Soup has been nourishing people for thousands and thousands of years. Early containers made of animal hides and watertight baskets, followed(…)

Tabletop Lighting Sets the Mood

Hollowick tabletop lamp, Hallowick, tabletop lamp

Make a Statement Create a dramatic setting, enhance your dining experience with durable tabletop lighting. The right tabletop lamp will give each table character. Tabletop lighting can create a special environment for your diners. Why only serve a meal when you can serve a dining experience? What’s Your Mood? Several different sizes and styles of lamps are available to achieve(…)

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