Best Commercial Mixer: a Buying Guide to Find the Right Size

Dec 2nd 2021

Looking for the best commercial dough or stand mixer? We've put together all the details on the various sizes of Globe commercial mixers to make it easy for you to choose the right size for your ne

The GSP30A is now the GSP30B

Posted by Brian Ringelheim on Nov 2nd 2021

We still get some questions about and requests for the GSP30A Label Printing Scale from Globe Equipment Company.  But we don't sell it anymore, because it is a legacy product.  The GS

A Guide to Understanding Globe Slicer Models

Posted by Brian Ringelheim on Nov 2nd 2021

If you're buying a slicer for the first time, or if you're thinking about switching brands and buying a Globe slicer, it can be hard to sift through your options. The key to understanding the ove

Undercounter Dishwashers Save Space, Energy & Time

Jan 25th 2021

Is your commercial business washing dishes by hand because you think you can’t afford the floor space of a large commercial dishwasher? Solve this problem with the addition of an undercounter dish

Does your Re-Open Plan include Temperature Recording?

Jun 2nd 2020

Globe is highly aware that business procedure and needs have changed due to the Covid-19. We have continued to stock more supplies, including sanitizer, cleaning supplies, protective gear, touchle

Discover How Globe's Power Drives Can Work for You

Apr 13th 2020

Globe Food Equipment is known for their focus on designing quality products to make commercial kitchens work at their best. This includes having the prep area properly equipped to maximize producti

Tips for Food Delivery and Take-Out Options

Mar 30th 2020

Take a look at your menu and identify the high profit menu items that travel well. No need to offer your entire menu for food delivery.Feature some unique comfort food meals for families during th