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VitaMix is the premier blender in the foodservice industry and is trusted by chefs all over the world.  VitaMix offers both bar blenders and food prep blenders so that you get the correct machine for your application.  The Bar Boss is the blender of choice for bartenders from major chains to cruise lines to smoothie shops.  The Vita-Prep is a food preparation blender used by executive chefs at top restaurants.  For any of your blending needs, VitaMix will be able to provide you with the right blender.

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  • VitaPrep Variable Speed Blender - 64 oz.

    Vita Mix 062827
    • Vita-Prep"s variable speed allows you to puree, blend and chop many different ingredients at exactly the right speed
    • Patented accelerator tool lets you "force feed" thick or viscous ingredients that would normally bring other blenders to a halt
    • Precision-hardened stainless steel blade quickly purees, blends and chops even the densest loads
    • Comes with a 64oz. container
    • Chop 6 cups (1.5L) of ice cubes in just 2-3 seconds
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    Regular Price: $462.14
    1 Each

  • Drink Machine Advance Blender - 48oz

    Vita Mix 062825
    • Precision-hardened stainless steel blade with torque to crush almost 64 oz. of cubed ice in three seconds
    • Clear, durable, polycarbonate container (patented design) pulls ingredients down into the blades
    • Container, BPF free, is stackable and extra containers can be purchased for high volume production
    • Flexible 2-piece thermoplastic lid has a removable plug allowing ingredients to be added during blending
    • Easy to use pulse control for when manual control is desired
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    Regular Price: $520.23
    1 Each

  • Drink Machine Blender - 64oz

    Vita Mix 062828
    • High speed motor: 37,000RPM
    • All stainless steel enclosed blade assembly with sealed ball bearings
    • Specially designed clear, BPA free Trita container is virtually unbreakable and lets you see inside
    • Blends as little as 4 oz. with the same consistency and quality as a full load
    • Metal to metal drive coupling for high speed production
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    Regular Price: $410.90
    1 Each

  • Replacement 64 oz Container for Drink Machine

    Vita Mix 752
    • Replacement container and blade assembly for Vita-Mix Drink Machine Blenders
    • Lid not included
    • 64 ounce capacity
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    Regular Price: $86.19
    1 Each

  • Replacement 64 oz Container w/ Blade and Lid for Drink Machine

    Vita Mix 756
    • Replacement container for Vita-Mix Drink Machine Blenders
    • 64 ounce capacity
    • Complete with blade assembly and lid for container
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    Regular Price: $105.41
    1 Each

5 Item(s)

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