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Better Senior Care Dining Experience Tips from Lakeside

October 29, 2019

For over 70 years, Lakeside, a leading manufacturer of equipment for the commercial food industry, has been designing systems for many different scenarios in all kinds of food service areas. Lakeside's diverse product line can transport, store, heat, cool, dispense, organize, display and merchandise stock. They truly can solve any facility's product needs, as they have become experts in supporting and filling the needs for well managed meal prep, delivery, even retail and catering operations. Recently, Lakeside shared some thoughts on some simple changes that when implemented, will make senior care dining programs generate more engagement for both residents and staff.

Click the link below to take a look at the Better Senior Care Dining Experience Tips video Lakeside has shared:

Product Highlight: Hydration & Nutrition 

To better promote the well-being of residents and patients, many facilities depend on Lakeside for mobile carts to deliver nutritious snacks and beverages. Available in both full service or self-service, with the resources and capacity that will work best for your business. 

The Hydration Station, model 69010,  is a full service cart, that will easily roll from place to place via its 5 inch casters. This unit can double as a snack vending cart as well as a serving area for your staff to dispense beverages and food. There is plenty of storage, resulting in less time spend going back and forth for supplies. 

Find out more, get a quote or to have a model researched for your needs, call Globe Equipment today. We can be reached weekdays at 800-972-4972.


About Lakeside:

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lakeside set the benchmark in manufacturing excellence when the first "311" stainless steel cart was introduced to the Foodservice Industry. Thousands of products and over seventy years later, Lakeside Manufacturing is known as the BEST "mobile solutions" provider of award-winning serving carts and plate dispensers. The Lakeside mission includes "Lakeside's team understands all types of foodservice environments – K-12, colleges and universities, B&I, healthcare, hospitals, assisted living communities, nursing homes, rehabilitation homes, etc. We can help by providing you innovative, sustainable and efficient food service equipment combined with extensive online resources to ultimately help enhance your customers' experiences and so much more."




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