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Large Equipment Delivery FAQs

We know that ordering a large piece of equipment online can be intimidating, especially if it is vital to your operations.  And if you’ve never had large equipment shipped to your business before, you may not understand how a freight delivery will work.  We’ve put together this guide to help you understand the process.

If you order a large product or piece of equipment that is too heavy to ship via UPS, it will be delivered to you by common carrier.  This means that the equipment will come on a large truck. 

How does the equipment get delivered?

When you accept a shipment via common carrier, it is the carrier's responsibility is to bring all merchandise to the end of the truck for you or your representative to unload.  You are responsible for getting it off the truck.  If you have a loading dock, that’s great.  If not, you’ll need to pay an additional fee for a lift gate that can get the equipment off the truck and to the ground (usually $75.00). 

The carrier may or may not help bring the merchandise inside the building.  Inside delivery is available at a premium.

What should I do when the shipment comes?

BEFORE you sign the delivery receipt/bill of landing, and BEFORE the driver departs, you must check the following:

  • Verify that the number of cartons is correct.
  • Unpack, open and thoroughly inspect your shipment for any damage.
  • If your order contains refrigeration, and there is a oil or wet spot on the inside of the packaging, REFUSE THE SHIPMENT and note the reason why.  It is a good indication that the item has been shipped on its side and/or dropped.
What should I do if I suspect damage?
BEFORE the driver departs,
  • If there is ANY damage or shortage discovered, make notations on each copy of the freight bill describing the damage or shortage in detail.
  • It is the customer's right to refuse any shipment that shows signs of damage or shortage at the time of delivery.
  • A signature on the delivery receipt is an acknowledgement that the shipment was received in good condition and without damage or shortage.
  • If the driver demands to leave before your entire shipment has been inspected, note that on delivery receipt (near your signature) that the driver would not allow for inspection.
  • If you have questions during delivery, please call Customer Service at 1-800-972-4972 M-F 8:30 am - 5:00 PM EST.

What should I do if I discover concealed damage after the drive driver departs?

  • Save all shipping cartons and packing materials.
  • Immediately request an inspection by the carrier and file a freight claim.

If packing materials are not saved, your opportunity to recover damages will be restricted. 

Who is responsible if my shipment is damaged?

The freight carrier is responsible for loss or damage to all goods and all claims are processed through them.

By signing the freight bill clean, you acknowledge that the items and articles being delivered were properly packaged and are in good physical condition. If there are ANY hints of possible damage, it has to be noted on the freight bill.

All shortages or damaged deliveries must also be telephoned to Globe Equipment within 2 days of receipt of shipment. Globe Equipment cannot be held responsible for damaged merchandise that is signed for as free and clear of damage.  After 7 days, a carrier will deny all concealed damage claims.

Failure to follow any of the above mentioned guidelines will also restrict your ability to return merchandise or file a claim for damages.

Can something be shipped by common carrier to a residential address?

Yes, it can be, but an additional fee (usually $95.00) will be added at checkout to cover the cost of getting the equipment onto a smaller truck that can navigate residential streets.

What happens if I cannot accept the delivery or need to change the delivery address?

If a freight company attempts a delivery, and is unable to due to reasons that are under the customers control, redelivery fees may apply.

If a delivery address changes once an item has been shipped, additional fees may be charged from the freight companies. This is called reconsignment.

If an order is canceled after delivery or you refuse delivery of goods, except in the event of damage, you will be responsible for round trip freight of the merchandise plus any restocking and applicable storage and restocking fees.


If you have any questions about shipping via common carrier, ordering a large piece of equipment from Globe, or your delivery options, please call 800-972-4972 or contact us.

If you need to ship large items internationally, we can also arrange for delivery to a freight forwarder.  Feel free to contact us about that as well.