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Contact us and tell us a little bit about your goals so we can set up a consultation, or call 800-972-4972 for immediate help.


We really love to help entrepreneurs in this industry. Globe started back when the first generation of Ringelheims moved to the US. They went from packing plates with straw in New York City, to selling food service equipment and supplies on their own in nearby Connecticut. That was 1938.

Today, the third generation runs the business, and our entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well. We'd love to get to know your story, and help get you from "concept" to "open for business" on your timeline and your budget. We understand the pressures your under, and we have more than 80 years of experience helping others like you.

  • If you're in CT, NY, or NJ, it might mean meeting to talk through your options for you menu, designing your workspaces, and sourcing all your equipment and supplies.  Or we could find the right options for equipment according to your business plan, source it all, and come out to your new space to help with install.  We can also work with your consultant team on sourcing and install, and help you get ready for final inspections.
  • If you're not local, it might mean helping you figure out nuances over the phone, from how many forks you need for an 80-seat space to the best mixer for your award-winning dough.  Or we could come to you and help with the project if it's the right fit.

Contact us and tell us a little bit about your goals so we can set up a consultation, or call 800-972-4972 for immediate help.


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pub-34-kitchen-3.jpgA Small Kitchen, A New Concept, and a Significant Grand Re-Opening for Two Sisters

Pub 34 opened in August 2022, with beautiful details that accomplish the women's goals: an Old Hollywood feel, a drink and food menu that compliments the musical entertainment, cabaret and dining areas, and a new outdoor patio.

But our favorite part –definitely cooler than any fryer or kitchen layout–is their mother’s piano. It was built in 1901, and sits in the center of the cabaret area. It’s a tribute to Ginny and Dottie’s Mom, and a lasting reminder of what the business is all about.

Read the full story here.

Love, Lera Oven Selection

Oven Selection for a Special Bakery

Love, Lera is a coffee shop and bakery in North Haven, CT with a special mission of employing adults with special needs. 

The owners were trying to decide between a convection oven and a combi oven.  After meeting with them to understand what recipes they'd be cooking in the ovens, we determined that the less expensive convection oven would meet their baseline needs.  However, we also recommended that they take a look at the combi oven because it had a strong set of visual cues and controls.  Those additional features might be worth it if they would make it easier for the bakery's employees to operate the oven.

Globe brought the manufacturer in for a free demo.  Almost immediately, the Love, Lera team determined that the combi-oven (with its visual cues and controls) was worth the additional investment.  We procured, delivered, and installed the oven along with a few other pieces.


The Brick Walk Tavern (Fairfield, CT)

The Brick Walk Tavern team worked with a local consultant on design and planning for their upscale casual eatery and bar. 

We teamed up with the consultant for help in decision making, sourcing, and support on all the restaurant and bar's equipment and supply needs.

The partnership produced a smooth opening and launch, and a great start to the restaurant's success in the area.

Globe is providing ongoing supply services, as well.


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