Restaurant Cleaning Brushes, Sponges, Rags and Scouring Pads

Stock up and save on janitorial products for your business. Rags, sponges and other janitorial supplies are must to keep your restaurant – front and back of the house sparkling clean. From cleaning brushes designed to scrub out the most stubborn residues to hand and nail brushes made to keep chefs’ hands surgeon-clean, all of your janitorial supplies are right here. Microfiber rags, which keep surfaces lint-free and clean before, during and after a shift, and sponges to power through the most stubbornly cooked-on foods are all part of this collection.

Globe Equipment Company, family-owned and serving the needs of businesses since 1938, has earned its sterling reputation by providing chefs, restaurateurs and others with a wide selection of quality, durable products at affordable prices.