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Meat Tenderizers Information

Nothing impresses a diner more than a tender, perfectly cooked cut of meat. But producing consistently tender meat is a tall task without the right restaurant equipment. That’s why we a carry number of meat tenderizers from leading brands. These tenderizers are built tough and are able to tenderize all kinds of meat— you’ll be able to tenderize everything from cube steaks to rump roasts with these units.


The well-appointed meat tenderizers we carry come available with a stainless steel blade that cuts the grizzly parts of the meat, allowing you to maximize tenderness. Additional features include a plastic guide that allows you to guide the meat into blade safely and efficiently. It also has a burnished aluminum housing, translucent guard, and reinforced magnet mounting. These meat tenderizers are easy to clean and safe to use.


Globe Equipment Company also offers attachments for the Hobart 403 tenderizer, like a factory Julienne add-on. Family owned and operated Globe Equipment Company offers everything you need to make your restaurant more profitable and efficient.