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Commercial Ice Machines

We have the experts to find the right commercial ice machine for your business

Commercial Ice Machines: If ice is crucial to your business, invest in the best. Globe carries many varieties of commercial ice makers for every ice need. Whether you use ice in a medical setting, to display fresh foods such as fish or cut fruit, to cool drinks, or to fill buckets or coolers; we have the units to complete the tasks at hand. Choose from the best brands in the industry: Manitowoc, Scotsman and Ice-O-Matic; manufactures of commercial flaker ice machines, nugget ice machines, ice cubers machines, ice dispensers, storage bins, and under counter commercial ice machines.

Determine the Right Size Ice Machine for Your Business

There are actual calculators available to determine the right size ice machine to fulfill your business’s needs. They include some preplanning and answers to the questions that follow.

What is the ice being used for? What industry are you in?  Restaurant, lodging, convenience store, healthcare, school, mess hall or supermarkets to name a few. How many drinks  per day, or coolers or display cases need ice daily?  Machines are all gauged as to how much ice can be produced in a 24 hour period, so it is best to determine your daily ice needs.

What does your floor plan allow for the machine? How much space do you have allotted for the machine?  

Location- Where will it be used? Depending on factors such as environmental conditions will help determine if an air cooled, water cooled or if a remote condensers would work best.

Desired Ice Type? Not only do you have your choice how many pounds of ice your machine can produce in a 24 hour period, there are different ice types.

  • Half dice offers about 95 cubes per pound. Half dice is used in soft drinks to reduce soft drink costs because they can get more ice in the glass. 
  • Full dice is about 48 cubes per pound, and as the name suggest larger in size that the half dice. Full dice is mostly used to fill buckets and coolers. It melts slower so sometimes it is used in cocktails.
  • Regular is a larger cube (32 per pound) and Gourmet styles comes with unique shapes in different sizes. Regular is used for high end cocktails for appearance and it melts slower so it won't dilute the drink as fast.
  • Nugget ice is easy to chew, served best by hand scooping, not the ideal style for self serve locations. Flaked ice is also used in medical settings for wound care.
  • Flaked and Crushed ice is often used to display foods, such as pre-package fruits and used as scooped ice for drinks.

Please contact one of our experienced representatives to assist in your ice machine requirements. We are here to help and can be reached at 800-972-4972.