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Dough Dividers & Rounders

Make the job of portioning dough quick and efficient with the use of professional dough dividers and rounders. Save money by portioning the exact amounts of dough with no food waste. Each divider is constructed from stainless steel, making the equipment durable and long lasting. Additional features include Teflon-coated dough shapers, stands with locking casters (to prevent movement), and sanitary rounding plates. Choose from manual or semi-automatic dough dividers to fit your budget. Top-of-the-line rounders can round thousands of portions of dough per hour — increasing your bakery's efficiency. The rounders have the capacity to portion dough at the desired weights, ranging from 2 to 45 ounces. Whether you need to portion out large amounts of dough for pizzas or smaller amounts for pastries, Doyon’s distinct line of dough dividers can meet a variety of bakery needs.

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Doyon Dough Divider - Hydraulic - 3.5 - 28 oz Portions

Item #:  D20

Regular Price: $12,934.90
1 Each

Doyon Dough Rounder - 1oz - 45 oz

Item #:  DR45

Regular Price: $9,659.65
1 Each

Doyon Manual Dough Divider 2 Oz. - 14 Oz.

Item #:  MDF820

Regular Price: $8,173.55
1 Each

3 Item(s)

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