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Bar Supplies

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Whether you are designing a new bar or adding or replacing to an existing set-up, Globe has an extensive inventory of  commercial bar equipment and commercial bar supplies for every sized restaurant, bar or café. Invest in durable, dependable equipment; blenders, refrigeration, prep tables, sinks and cocktail units, ice handling and speed rails. And the best part: Get the style that speaks your style.

Selecting the Right Commercial Bar Equipment Will Lead To Immediate Savings

One of the key components of designing a bar is using the space you have efficiently. Not only do you have a variety of menu items, but you have staff working near each other trying to get the menu items to the customer. A poorly equipped underbar can lead to inefficiency and loss in sales.

The underbar area should be utilized with bar equipment that can organize and store a lot of products while maintaining accessibility. This includes the following:

- Bar Refrigeration: Keep their drinks cold, and serve them fast with commercial back bar coolers from leaders in the industry such as True and Everest. Solid door and glass door bottles coolers, direct draw coolers and combinations are designed to fit small or large bar configurations.

- Blenders & Juicers: Blend quality drinks in seconds with a quality commercial blender. Arm your staff with the power of HamiltonBeach, Waring or one of the other trusted names in blenders and juicers. 

- Cleaning Equipment: You need the right amount and size sinks, drain boards, and glass washers, so that your staff isn’t spending excess time cleaning and drying glasses or working around overflowed sinks.

- Ice Equipment and Handling: Having the right ice chests and insulated storage bins and they way to move and scoop them will ensure that you have cool drinks when you need them.

- Storage Equipment: Speed rails and blender stations come in various designs to ensure bar supplies are organized and easy to access.

Having the right bar equipment can lead to reducing the amount of movement your staff makes when working, in turn making them more efficient and productive.

Rely on Commercial Bar Equipment From Globe Equipment Company

Shop our line of commercial bar equipment online or call us today @ 800-972-4972 to speak with a representative to help you customize your bar with the right bar equipment.