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Do you want to save money with Globe Equipment Company?

Tim on the PhoneThe more you tell us about what you need, the more we can help you.

Are you willing to look at different brands? 

If you know what you need (i.e. a mixer, a slicer, a microwave, etc.) but you aren't brand loyal, tell us how you'll use the equipment and then let us do the work for you.  We can provide a detailed quote that includes options that will fit your needs, plus an idea of what we think is best for your situation. 

It might prevent you from buying too much machine for your use, or wasting money on something that won't meet the demands of your application.

Do you need more than one thing?

Sometimes, quoting a package gives us a little more flexiblity to find a solution within your budget.  For example, do you need:

  • More than one piece of equipment
  • Equipment plus accessories or attachments
  • Full supply for a new establishment
  • Etc.?

If you've got a list, give us a call or contact us with more details.  Then let us put a custom quote together for you. 

Do you need some personal shopping?

We know that time is money, and we know that you're short on time.  If you don't want to sift through reviews and specs, we can help.  We start with an already curated list of products, and then rely on our experienced staff to help customers find what works for them.  We're happy to help.

This company took the time to contact me after an order to verify it's what I really wanted and to lay out the options that would best suit my needs. I'm very impressed they took the time to do this in this day (and) age. Had we (gotten) the original order we would have been in for quite a nasty surprise, crisis adverted! Thank you Globe. (from a Google Review)

Call 800-972-4972 or contact us.