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Globe S-Series Slicers in Practical Terms (The Slicer You’ll Need if You’re Replacing a Globe 3600N)

June 4, 2019

Globe Food Equipment retired their popular N-Series slicers between 2017 and 2018.  They’ve been replace by the S-Series, which have been around for more than a year now.  We’ve been really happy with their performance for our customers who have chosen them.

If you’ve got a slicer you need to replace, or you’ve been thinking about switching brands, the letters N and S probably don’t mean much to you.  For example, if you have a Globe 3600N, the Globe S-13 is the comparable model.  Even though the names look like they're different slicers, that's the closest replacement.  So here’s a short guide to the key features of these newer generation Globe slicers to see if they meet the needs of your business.

Note: These machines are Globe’s premium slicers.  If you’re not slicing all day and if you’re slicing meat and produce online, other models may be a better fit.  Check this guide to understanding the models so you’re not getting a machine that’s too much for your needs.

Globe S-Series Slicer Graphic

If you care about slice quality:

  • It’s easier for you to make thinner slices.  The Globe S-Series includes a new indexing system and oversized knob, making it easier for the person using the slicer to get the right thickness consistently.
  • The design helps keep what you’re slicing in place.  The meat grip teeth were redesigned.  This plus the weighted arm and grooved carriage help keep what you’re slicing in place securely, even if it’s large.

If you care about cost control:

  • These slicers have solid yield.  The new carriage and end weight let you get more slices out of each product.  The knife sharpening system also uses synthetic diamond surfaces to keep the knife edge thinner for longer for a better yield.
  • The same machine can handle larger products.  With an extended carriage and large platter, you can use these slicers for large products like prosciutto, bacon and mortadella.
  • Better warranty and less expensive parts.  There is a 2-year parts and labor warranty on these slicers, which is double most competitors.  The knife and parts replacement costs are generally lower and more easily accessible than other manufacturers.

If you care about easy cleaning and sanitation:

  • The anodized aluminum base is one piece (patent-pending) which makes it easier to reach tough spaces.  It’s also easy to tilt back the carriage to clean, but it stays secured for integrity.
  • The slide rod, knife cover & meat grip are quickly removable.  The sharpener is top-mounted for easy removal and cleaning.
  • All slicers have a kickstand or lift lever for countertop cleanup.

If you care about keeping the people using it happier:

  • It’s pretty easy to read.  The Globe S-Series has the industry’s only Clear-Text graphic user interface.  That means the won’t see cryptic blinking lights and error codes, and they can select speed & stroke length and read system messages.
  • There are easy to use safety features.  Color cues the operator to areas designed for proper and safe operation, including handles, knobs, etc.

Again, it bears repeating that these S-Series slicers may be overkill if you're not slicing all day.  Call us 800-972-4972 if you want help determining a slicer that fits your business.

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