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Build Your Own Craft Cocktail Bar with Krowne’s New Instant Rendering Tool BarFlex3D

April 23, 2019

Ever wonder what your own custom bar design would look like?  Well now you can find out!  

Krowne Metal recently introduced a cool new tool called BarFlex3D.  Krowne BarFlex3d

We like it because you can choose things like…

  • ice bins
  • speed rinser units
  • liquor steps
  • wells
  • dump sinks/cutting boards

..and test out configurations virtually to see if they'll work in your space and help your workflow.  You can even get a product list to do your shopping.

Give it a test (works best in a Chrome browser).

Remember to consider things like:

  • if you will need a glass washer or under counter ice machine
  • where you'll need a power source for machines and appliances
  • where your existing plumbing hookups are
  • what capacity of drinks you'll be making and where your team needs to work to get them all out

If You'd Rather Not Do It By Yourself, We Can Help

Get Help from Globe Equipment CompanyAn instant rendering tool can be a big help, but if you'd like assistance with bringing your bar vision to life, we can help.

We can help you choose the right equipment and pieces, and make sure you have all the accessories you'll need to make the space work.

If you're close to Connecticut, set an appointment with our team.

If you're outside of the area, give us a call and we'll get you connected to the right person.

Just call us your human bar setup rendering tools!




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