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Commercial Food Scales

Accurate Measuring Takes Precision Tools

For strict control with food portions and ingredients, nothing comes close to these high-performance scales from Globe Equipment. Ensure the correct weight on shipments from your wholesale suppliers with receiving scales. Get precise quantities of ingredients before adding to recipes with electric scales and baking scales. There are also models of electric scales for accurate counter sales, and you'll find replacement labels for these machines. Portion control scales will guarantee that your customers receive consistently sized meal portions every time they place an order. Accurate weights and measurements in retail food service and commercial kitchens is a key element in controlling costs and realizing profits.

These high-caliber scales come from leading manufacturers such as Globe, Rubbermaid, Edlund and Hobart. By purchasing your kitchen supplies at family-owned Globe Equipment, you can count on exceptional quality, premier customer service and the best prices. Proudly serving the commercial food industry since 1938.