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Commercial Kitchen Hand Tools and Supplies

All the Tools to Get the Job Done

Every professional kitchen requires a wide variety of tools - some basic, some very specific. GlobeEquipment.com has gathered a wide selection to shop from. Chosen for dependability, durability and affordability, we can deliver to you the tools to get the job done- whether in the commercial – or home- kitchen. Can openers, colanders, cheese graters, disher scoops, pail openers, film and foil cutters, garlic press, spice grinders, egg slicers, potato masher or ricer, skewers, and mandolins are just a few in our inventory. The section also offers tools for ethnic cuisines such as Asian and Italian. Vacuum packing machines and wrapping machines are also described here for specialty take-away food preparation.

And we make it easy- order online and have it shipped directly to your doorstep. Stock up and save on kitchen tools today. Shop now.

Not finding something you need? Call us, we would love to help assist. 800-972-4972. Globe Equipment has been serving the needs of the commercial food industry since 1938.