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High Heat Food Storage Pans & Lids

Cambro's line of food pans and lids for extremely low and high temperature use are the perfect all-purpose containers. Made specifically for the commercial food industry, this high-heat collection is used for food preparation, storage, refrigeration and cooking. Safely use with with steam tables and warming tables, since steam from food will not compromise the pan's integrity. Cambro Manufacturing, serving the food service business since 1951, also offers high heat pan drain shelves and lids to use with these pans, all with a non-stick surface for minimal food waste and easy clean-up. 

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Cambro 1/8 Size High Heat X-Pan -2.5" Deep

Item #:  82HP772

Regular Price: $40.02
Case of 6

Cambro 1/8 Size High Heat X-Pan - 4" Deep

Item #:  84HP772

Regular Price: $50.61
Case of 6

Cambro 1/8 Size High Heat X-Pan - 6" Deep

Item #:  86HP772

Regular Price: $65.26
Case of 6

3 Item(s)

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