Grease Resistant Mats

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Grease Resistant Mats Information

Every kitchen and food service establishment needs grease-resistant mats, Globe Equipment has your floors covered. This collection of kitchen safety products includes a variety of mats, including connectors to prevent chefs and other foodservice personnel from tripping over edges, and they’re all listed at extremely competitive prices. You’ll find a variety of sizes and textures here because Globe Equipment caters to chefs, restaurateurs and professionals in several different types of establishments.


Whether you’re placing grease-resistant mats in the dish tank or you’re putting them behind the line to make your cooks safer and more comfortable, you’ll find what you need at Globe Equipment. The best part is that they’re economical solutions to kitchen safety, so you don’t have to spend your entire budget on mats; there will be plenty left over for the other essential supplies you need (and you can find those at Globe Equipment, as well).