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Restaurant Floor Mats

Matting Keeps Floors Neater, Prevents Slips and Falls

In the foodservice business, few things are worse than kitchen or guest accidents. There are preventive measures that should be taken to avoid these from happening.  Choose from a wide selection of greaseproof mats, grease-resistant mats, carpet mats and floor runners. Designed to do more than just provide floor coverage, these dining room and kitchen safety products are a resourceful tool to prevent everyone in your establishment from falling, whether it be staff members in the walk-in freezer, behind the line, or customers heading to their table to enjoy your signature dishes.

Whether you need to replace old, worn kitchen mats or you’re starting from scratch, Globe Equipment is the place to get everything needed at affordable prices. Because we are a family-owned business, we know what it’s like to operate on a budget. That’s why you’ll find economical and high-end options in this extensive collection of kitchen safety products. From the simplest floor mats to non-slip mat runners your kitchen staff will love, you’ll find what you need at Globe Equipment. Have a question? Need something not here? Give us a call, we are happy to help. We have been serving the commercial food industry since 1938. Our toll free number is 800-972-4972.