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Chemical Sanitizer & Test Strips

Chemical sanitizer and test strips will keep the guesswork out of preparing your sanitizing solutions at proper concentration required by Health Dept. regulations.

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  • Steramine Sanitizing Tablets - Jar of 150 Tablets

    Edwards-Councilor STER
    • Use 1 tablet per gallon of water to accurately and easily prepare your sanitizing solutions at the proper concentration required by Health Department Regulations
    • Turns water blue producing a distinct, clear, pale blue sanitizing solution which tells operators and inspectors at a glance that this sanitizer is in the final rinse sink
    • Won't irritate hands
    • Non-corrosive to metals
    • Non-staining and odorless
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  • Chlorine Test Strips

    Franklin Machine 142-1158
    • Sani Safe" Litmus Paper Kit for Chlorine Sanitizers
    • Kit uses quality litmus paper that provides instant readings
    • Dispenser allows strips to be torn off at any desired length and protects the paper from moisture
    • Kit includes: Dispenser with color coded test chart and 5/32" x 15 ft (.4cmx 4.5m) roll of litmus paper
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  • Ammonia Test Strips

    Franklin Machine 142-1363
    • Litmus Plastic Strips for Quaternary Ammonia Compounds "QUAT"
    • 100 strips per bag
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