Restaurant Cleaning Supplies and Chemicals

All the Supplies to Make your Place Shine

Shop at and save on the cleaning supplies and chemicals to keep all the places and products of your commercial foodservice operation sparkling clean, and sanitized to the highest safety standards. Dishwashing detergents for machines or hand washing are formulated for the high demands of a commercial, professional kitchen. Sanitizing tablets work best to get glasses extremely clean and safe use after use. Found in many professional kitchens, stainless steel will glisten when cleaned with the proper cleaners. We have those cleaners made specifically for stainless steel, as well as other surfaces. Protect your equipment and supplies with proper cleaning and they will last longer, work better for your business.

So, whether you are a commercial restaurant, a large cafeteria, an office or a home kitchen that you need to stock up on janitorial cleaning supplies, check out Globe. We have been serving business since 1938, and look forward to being your resource to get all the cleaning done @ your place.