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Scouring Pads

These rugged scouring pads include a 3M grill scrubber, Scotch-Brite green pad scrubbers and stainless steel pot scrubber sponges. Shop here, too, for Brillo steel wool soap pads, grill pads for griddle surfaces and 3M heavy duty scouring pads that replace metal sponges. Sold in multiple quantities - stock up and save - and have supplies delivered right to your business, or home.

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  • Grill Pad - 4x5 - Box of 20

    3M Company 46
    • Made with high heat Nylon and silicon carbide
    • Lightly scours the griddle surface
    • Can be used on griddle surfaces up to 350 degrees
    • Scour and polish griddle surfaces (not to be used on polished or easily scratched surface)
    • Pads can be rinsed out with water or dissolved in cleaning solutions
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    Regular Price: $17.81
    Box of 20

  • Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pad - Hotel Size

    Callico Distributors PURW24
    • Made from fine steel wool
    • Soap impregnated
    • Helps quickly dissolve stubborn grease and food particles
    • 4" x 4"
    • Packed 10 per box
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2 Item(s)

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