Rolltop Chafers

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Rolltop Chafers Information

Beautiful, streamlined and perfect for serving large numbers of people at a catered event, Globe Equipment’s extensive collection of roll top chafers includes several sizes, styles and finishes so that you can get the look you need. You’ll find a variety of manufacturers’ roll top chafers in this section, because the Globe Equipment team is committed to bringing you the widest selection.

Globe Equipment carries 180-degree roll top chafers, those with iron frames and several other types of electric chafing dishes. You’ll find several capacities, as well, so that whether you’re serving a small number of guests or you’re catering a massive event, you can find exactly what you need. Globe Equipment is a family owned business, and they’ve worked hard to establish a reputation for delivering quality products; their in-house team handpicked every chafing dish that you see here, and they chose them based on reliability, cost-effectiveness and durability.