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Commercial Buffet Equipment and Supplies

From a simple buffet to the spectacular elegance of a wedding spread, professional commercial caterers know it is key to have durable commercial buffet and catering equipment to get the job done better. No matter what type of event you’re running, or whether you operate a restaurant that specializes in self-service and quick-service meals, having a nice display with top-notch serving equipment is essential.

Globe Equipment carries a huge selection of commercial buffet supplies – everything the professional chef or home cook needs to make, serve and store food. And best yet, to transport it correctly to off-site locations.

Commercial Buffet Supplies and Catering Supplies for your business

Globe has been supplying caterers for over 75 years with the best in commercial equipment; carving stations, convenient shop organizers, fast food chains, serving utensils, plate dispensers, salad bar needs, food warmers, and so much more….from simple to elegant design. The best part is that this collection has been handpicked by Globe Equipment’s experts; that means you’re getting the best quality buffet supplies at the best possible prices. If you are in Bridgeport, Conn., stop by our showroom and discover over 8,000 products to help the food industry thrive and grow. Need advice? Give us a call and we would be happy to help. 800-972-4972.