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Commercial Popcorn Equipment

This favorite movie-time snack has been enjoyed by many generations way before the silver screen arrived. We can thank the Mexicans who first cultivated this popping treat over 9,000 years ago. Americans sold manually popped popcorn through the 19th century. Charles Cretors’ invention of the popcorn maker widened the popcorn audience in the 1890s.  This Chicago inventor took his creation to the streets with carts equipped with steam powered machines – one of the earliest popcorn machines!

Not only is the love of fresh warm, aromatic popcorn alive today, so is the creation of fabulous commercial popcorn machines.

Popcorn is a classic concession food and the right equipment can promote additional sales of this perennial favorite. Commercial equipment to make and serve this treat to the masses has come a long way since creation of the first popcorn carts in Chicago in the 1800s.   

Determine your popcorn needs – small snack vs. heavy volume 

Smaller units are ideal to add as a quick snack at a tavern or convenience store while larger models are designed for high volume food service operations. Commercial popcorn machines come in various capacities to accommodate the crowds at movie theaters, schools, stadiums, amusement parks and concession stands.

No one can resist the temptation of freshly popped corn! A commercial butter dispenser will keep this favorite topping at the perfect temperature and consistency, and will allow you to dispense it without mess. Globe also sells buckets and popcorn products, too!