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Amana HDC12A C-Max Space Saving Microwave - 1200w

Amana’s HDC12A C-Max line of heavy-duty compact ovens offers powerful heating performance in a space-saving design. Generous .6 cubic foot capacity can accommodate a standard half-pan. Durable and stackable, the HDC12A is ideal for hard-use, high-volume operations. C-Max’s improved and unique method of energy distribution provides superior even-heating, so your customers will notice your food, not your food's temperature. The HDC12A provides 1200 watts for fast performance in a space saving design.

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  • Amana
  • HDC12A
  • 1 Each

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Item information

  • Amana
  • USA
  • 1 Each
  • 13 1/2"
  • 16 3/4"
  • 22"
  • 64 lbs
  • 120v
  • UL   CSA  

Using this Item:

  • 1200 watts of power for fast heating
  • Ample .6 cubic foot capacity easily accommodates a standard half-pan
  • Up to 100 programmable menu items simplifies cooking and ensures consistent results
  • 11 power levels for consistent results for frozen and fresh foods
  • Unique method of energy distribution provides superior even-heating
  • User-friendly controls are easy to use and require minimal user training
  • Multiple quantity pad calculates the proper cook times for multiple portions
  • Interior ceramic shelf is sealed and recessed to help reduce plate to shelf edge impact and keep spills contained
  • Nationwide service keeps any downtime to a minimum
  • Full 3-year warranty
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